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Grand Truck Simulator. Feel The Raw Power

I am very choosy when it comes to picking a simulator game. I believe a good simulator game should make you feel like you are experiencing the real activity. For instance, a good grand truck simulator game ought to make you feel like you are driving a real truck. Finding a great grand truck simulator game was not easy for me. I am so glad my friend recommended Grand Truck Simulator for Android and iDevices. This game has everything I look for in a simulator game.

Drive Trailers You Never Thought You’d Get a Chance to Drive

This App Store and Google Play app for grant truck simulation has well-thought-out gameplay. You get to make your own skins for trucks and trailers or download them from other players. The fuel consumption of the vehicles is realistic which gives you the authentic experience of driving a truck. In addition to this, there is an assortment of terrains and trucks to choose from which make the gaming experience even better among many other amazing things.

There’s a number of things I love about this game. One of them is the fact that the app features several trailers to choose from. You can drive a Chassis, a Chassis +, 2 axle semi, 3 axle semi, bitren 7 axle and so many other trailers. One thing I enjoy about the trailers is the physics. The vehicles move as you would expect real trailers to handle, and the fuel consumption is realistic. You also get a chance to make your own skins for the trailers if you prefer. This makes the game even more interesting. The other thing I love about the trucks is that they are highly detailed. Each truck has working trailer lights, dashboard, and air horn among other things.

This iDevice and Android app feature high-quality 3D graphics. Everything in this game is realistic. The trucks look authentic, the environment is real, and it also features real-life truck sounds for the engines, horns and breaks. These incredible graphics make you feel like you are driving a real truck on a real road.

Enjoy the Realistic Environment When Driving Your Trucks

Apart from being absolutely beautiful, the surroundings of this app are accurate to life. For one, there is a dynamic sun system which enables you to go from day to night. This gives you a feeling that you have been driving the vehicle for an extended period of time.

Hire Drivers to Drive Your Truck Anytime and Buy Parking Deposits

If you wish to have another driver drive your truck, you can simply hire one. You will also not have any challenges parking your fleet of trailers because the app has the option of buying parking deposits. This is very convenient if you are using numerous trucks.

Considering that this is a Beta version, the controls are very functional and work great. There are controls for just about anything from vehicle movement to camera positioning. However, the camera positioning is not very consistent. Some improvements are needed to make it better. Otherwise, the controls of this leading app are sublime and conveniently organized on the screen.

I have replayed this game over and over again, and I am still not bored. Every time I play it, I get new challenges to overcome which enables me to build even better skills to be able to conquer different levels with ease. I bet you’ll get addicted to this game as well.

There are several in-app purchases on both the Google Android and iOS app you’ll have to make to get additional features. These in-app purchases include virtual money (5.000) which goes for $0.99, virtual money (15.000) which goes for $1.99 and mechanical assistance which goes for $0.99. The price is really affordable compared to what other apps charge for their in-app purchases.

I am a great fan of Grand Truck Simulator. This game has amazing graphics, incredible gameplay and cool features. It gives you a true grand truck driving experience you will not get from any other app. If you don’t have it already, make sure you download for free on either Google Play Store or App Store and get the updated latest version for the best experience. You will surely not regret it.

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