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My Singing Monsters. Assembling the Most Adorable Orchestra

My Singing Monsters is a free to download family-friendly app that is absolutely fun. Players get to raise singing monsters on an island they can customize to their liking.

Get Over 50 Pets in a Single App

Both the App Store and Google Play app for this game have simple gameplay that any child can understand. You start off on a quiet island, and your job is to break the silence. You can add your first few singing monsters with the help of the game tutorial and work to build your band as you go on playing. You can buy different kinds of monsters with different sounds to make your songs groovy and catchy. It is a solid game that any kid or adult will enjoy playing.

Both the iPhone and Android app have great graphics. The monsters and islands are vibrant, and the sound is excellent. However, I think the graphics are cartoonish, which is expected because the primary target audience for this app is young children.

Adults are familiar with the situation when the kids ask to get them a pet. And if you are not in favor of this idea, this app can be a great way to distract them. Children get to feed and watch over 50 singing monsters grow and have a lot of fun while doing it. It might not be a perfect substitute for pets, but at least it is something that keeps them busy and engaged enough that they forget to nag you about pets.

Enhance Your Kids’ Creativity

Apart from collecting monster species and watching them grow, players are also required to build the monsters an island to live in. You get to create unique landscapes and add structures to your islands to make them as beautiful as they can for your singing monsters. Apart from this, you can create sound combinations which you later use to make monsters sing. These tasks are great for enhancing and tapping into your child’s creativity. However, at first, you might need to give them a helping hand to ensure they understand how to play the game.

Have Fun with Other Players

The iOS version allows players to visit other players’ islands to see how they have structured their islands and have a look at their singing monsters. This makes the game more interactive, and it is possible to make lots of friends through the app. Unfortunately, the Google Android version doesn’t have this feature.

The controls on this game are ideally suited for the game. You can control the music, tempo, add structures to your island and other things using the simple control buttons featured in the app. These easy controls are well organized on the screen and don’t interfere with your gaming experience.

Since I got this app for my kids, they have been playing it every single day never got tired of it. I have no doubt that your kids will be addicted to this game. It’s fun, engaging and challenging to some extent. It will definitely deliver on your expectations.

One thing you need to be aware of is that this app has in-app purchases that go for up to $10 per item. This is something important to be mindful of because your kids might end up buying characters and structures without your knowledge. The great thing about the in-app purchases is that you can turn them off and have your kids play with the features provided for free.

My Singing Monsters is a leading app for kids that is extremely fun and engaging. It allows your kids to tap into their creativity and it distracts them. If you are in search of something to keep your kids busy, this is a great app. I would highly recommend it. Get the latest version on App Store or Google Play Store. For the best experience, ensure you update the app frequently so that your kids can get access to improved features.

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